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2009-10-19 12:30:31 by MikeyTheYoshi

Seeing as Tom didn't reply to my PM, I'm moving back to my old account. Sorry for the trouble :(

Click Here For My Old Account

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2009-10-13 10:55:43 by MikeyTheYoshi

Hey guys. Haven't made a post in a while, So i thought I'd make one...

Current Flash Projects Underway,
- Mario, Luigi and The Secret Shrooms.
- Mario Bloopers
- Nazo Unleashed

Now, Nazo Unleashed will not be made anytime soon, in fact, I don't even have the sprites for him yet. Me and Shadefalcon are still making them.

but,l if any of you visisted my old profile, LukeyJohnno, You would see an advertisement/teaser for making a flash series. I have actually gotten off of my ass to make this series, and I'm half way through making it. So get ready for that :D

Super Mario Bloopers, Meh, I was bored at school. Probably make it after M&L : SS.

Weeeeell, that's all I got for you guys now.

Stay tuned for more updates :D

- LukeyJohnno

[ Recent Updates ]

So, people keep asking for effects.

2009-08-29 19:43:28 by MikeyTheYoshi

Here yah go people.

Credit me for giving them to yah :)

Ultimate Effects


Commission me? ge/213/2135395.png


2009-08-27 05:50:17 by MikeyTheYoshi

I just got my final GCSE Exam results,

6 Cs
2 Bs
2 Ds
1 G

Which means I can get into college! :D

The new thread is up.

Just when I thought...

2009-07-12 07:33:02 by MikeyTheYoshi

Yesh, I am banned again... WTF DID I DO THIS TIME!?

What is going on Newgrounds? :/
All I want to do is a simple collab ._. atthej.jpg

Okay, wtf.

2009-07-10 06:11:01 by MikeyTheYoshi

The collab will go on, but you'll have to PM me your parts people.

Okay, wtf.


2009-06-17 04:23:21 by MikeyTheYoshi

Yeah... well. Let's say I have a confession to make. After all these weeks.. months... I haven't even touched Nazo Unleashed... because I don't have the sprites :x
I've had THESE sprites for ages... But people said they looked crappy.
I want your opinion on them...
It's JPEG to prevent people stealing. ewnazo5.jpg

If I get enough comments and/or PMs saying they're okay, I'll go ahead with Nazo Unleashed ;D

Macromedia Flash 8, no more!

2009-02-16 06:38:37 by MikeyTheYoshi

Yes, I finally decided to upgrade to Adobe Flash CS3 Professional. It's not bad, but I have had troubles with it in the past. It used to crash on me without any reason. This hasn't happened so far, and I hope it won't, because I really like the layout. The interface isn't much different to 8, but it still might take some getting use to.

It's mah birthday! :D

2009-02-07 06:32:13 by MikeyTheYoshi

I just turned 16! =D