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Okay, wtf.

2009-07-10 06:11:01 by MikeyTheYoshi

The collab will go on, but you'll have to PM me your parts people.

Okay, wtf.


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2009-07-10 06:12:43

Everyone is being banned.
Mod was hacked.

MikeyTheYoshi responds:

Are you sure?


2009-07-10 06:16:38

Yeah, Duck Division phished a moderators account and are banning and attempting to close threads.
Not good really, I wonder whats going on in the Moderators lounge?

MikeyTheYoshi responds:

Indeed. This is pretty much bullcrap.

Well at least I know the reason now... but I still have a 30 day ban from the facking BBS. *sigh*


2009-07-10 08:22:57

PM a BBS mod and ask them for help. The attack is common knowledge now.


2009-07-10 08:26:38

Everything is back to normal, you should be unbanned. Sorry for the inconvenience.

MikeyTheYoshi responds:

Indeed it is.

No problem :)


2009-07-12 07:15:21

It's deleted again....

MikeyTheYoshi responds:

What the f*ck