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Macromedia Flash 8, no more!

2009-02-16 06:38:37 by MikeyTheYoshi

Yes, I finally decided to upgrade to Adobe Flash CS3 Professional. It's not bad, but I have had troubles with it in the past. It used to crash on me without any reason. This hasn't happened so far, and I hope it won't, because I really like the layout. The interface isn't much different to 8, but it still might take some getting use to.


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2009-02-21 18:45:15

Well, good luck and I hope it won't crash on ya.



MikeyTheYoshi responds:

too late it did, I went back to flash 8.


2009-02-23 18:54:52

That sucks hard. I'm sorry man.


2009-06-13 17:24:48

wow... it's been a long time... this is Sebmaster545, how is Nazo unleashed coming along?


2009-06-13 17:26:01

Ignore trippyhippo I was just on his account srry, but really, how is Nazo coming?

MikeyTheYoshi responds:

Badly xD