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2009-06-17 04:23:21 by MikeyTheYoshi

Yeah... well. Let's say I have a confession to make. After all these weeks.. months... I haven't even touched Nazo Unleashed... because I don't have the sprites :x
I've had THESE sprites for ages... But people said they looked crappy.
I want your opinion on them...
It's JPEG to prevent people stealing. ewnazo5.jpg

If I get enough comments and/or PMs saying they're okay, I'll go ahead with Nazo Unleashed ;D


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2009-06-17 04:24:25

Opens Photoshop and get's magic wand.

MikeyTheYoshi responds:



2009-06-21 21:35:48

I don't know what other people think, but I think they look fantastic. The hair can be a little shorter though. Overall, I think it's good enough to be in the sereis. Don't quit Nazo Unleashed; it looks really awsome to see. I for one think you're ready to start. Good luck buddy!


MikeyTheYoshi responds:

Thanks man :)


2009-06-26 21:35:29

Dude! They look awesome! You should so use as many as you can!


MikeyTheYoshi responds:

Thanks ;]


2009-07-02 12:38:12

heres the same thing but better quality rt/Nazo-the-Hedgehog-New-Look-1277734 36


2009-07-04 05:54:20

Well, I can't say I've seen better. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and use them if you like.

MikeyTheYoshi responds:

They're gay,. I'm getting better ones ;o


2009-07-08 10:11:45

I didn't know you had a NG acount it's me zachthegamemaster from devaint art

MikeyTheYoshi responds:

Who XD