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Sonic : Nazo Unleashed - Sprite Movie

2008-12-04 13:37:47 by MikeyTheYoshi

Hey guys, just thought I'd let you know something...
There's a flash series, with 3 parts on Newgrounds, Sonic Nazo Unleashed. If any of you have watched that flash series, you'll know how awesome it is. I decided to make a sprite verion of the flash. And yes, I got permission. I PM'd him yesterday:

"Haha, THANK you for asking for permission! I love intro. Sure you can use my story. Remember, I did not design Nazo, just Perfect Nazo and his backstory." He wrote a bit more, but that was just things to do with my flash.

I thought I'd show you guys, what I have so far:
Click Me

Thanks to , he'll be making me the Nazo sprites.

Hope you enjoy what I got so far


Working on something...

2008-10-25 18:57:20 by MikeyTheYoshi

Hey, just to let you know I am working on a little fight scene between Luigi and Kirby. Withan SSBB look to it :D